Andrea Dicks is the songwriter of Everything+. She uses her experiences to create relatable lyrics and quirky melodies. Her love of singing and picking up new instruments makes her a dynamic member of the duo. Outside of Everything+, Andrea is a music teacher and has a music education degree from the University of Manitoba.


Dylan Summers is the musical genius behind Everything+. Boasting amazing skills on guitar, piano, and bass, he brings the band to the next level. He arranges and adds intricate details to the band's songs, becoming an integral part of Everything+'s sound. When he's not playing with Everything+, he spends his time playing lead guitar for the punk band Brooklyn Park and being a cat dad. Dylan holds a music degree from the University of Manitoba.


Bass player and sweet, sweet tenor - Sammy Cooper grounds the band with his innovative bass lines and adds his lovely voice to the rich harmonies. With training in classical guitar and an interest in rock and roll, Sammy brings a new perspective to the band's sound.


Paul Klassen brings the rhythm and energy to the band's lively sound. Paul is an expressive and versatile musician who adds stylistic features - from jazz to rock to pop - to the music. He also lends his help on keys and vocals. In his spare time, Paul works as a freelance percussionist and holds a performance degree from the University of Manitoba.

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